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 Unit Stucture of SRG

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PostSubject: Unit Stucture of SRG   Wed Oct 12, 2011 11:36 am

In SRG the structure for units is a lot different than other gaming communities, like our rank structure. This list will show the following:


A Team in SRG is the smallest unit, lead normally by a Vanguard, teams form the backbone of SRG. A team has no limit of how many members it has, however, it does require at least two Specialists are present in the team at all times. Every new Agent will be assigned to a team first before anything else, once an Agent finds out what team their in, it is their job to get to know that team in every way possible. The team is not just guys you play with, they are your brothers and sisters in arms.


An Element in SRG is the next unit in line, lead normally by a Commando. An element is only allowed to have a total of two teams formed under it, minimizing stress and overwork for the leader.


A Squad in SRG is the middle unit inside clans, lead normally by an Inquisitor. A squad is only allowed to have a total of two elements formed under it, having in total four teams, plenty of work for an Inquisitor but still not overworking them.


A Group in SRG is the largest unit inside a clan, lead normally by an Assassin. A group is only allowed to have a total of three squads formed under it, which allows an Assassin to receive a taste of the work ahead as a Clan Leader.


A Clan in SRG is a major unit inside of SRG, lead normally by a Warlord. A clan is not permitted to have a certain amount of groups in it. However, a Warlord must be able to control only as much as they can handle.


A Section in SRG is a collection of clans formed under the SRG name, lead normally by a Quartermaster. A section is only allowed to have a total of four clans in them.


A Division in SRG is a collection of sections formed under the SRG name, lead normally by a Battlemaster. A division is only allowed to have a total of three sections in them.


A Community in SRG is a collection of divisions formed under the SRG name, lead normally by an Executor. A community is not bound by a certain number of divisions that are allowed in them, a community can have as many divisions as an Executor can handle. However, to start another community under the SRG name, at least one division to start it is required.

This the unit structure of SRG through this we will develop a means of keeping things balanced, communication will never be lost, and the chain of command will allow for issues to move abroad accordingly or squashed immediately.

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Unit Stucture of SRG
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